CAD plot-projects!

You certainly know it. The time comes in every project, because all CAD designs have to be put on paper. Whether it's the submission of a performance phase, or are there any intermediate results for meetings, or whatever the project manager or project engineer requests printed. It has to be plotted. Well, it can certainly be created without much effort times a plot. But what if the project is big, and there are dozens of plots to request, be it tens, hundreds, or even thousands! This means that capacities are blocked for a certain period only for the creation of plot files. CAD plot-projects cost money and time. The manual creation of plot files is also prone to error, and with a large number of files being edited, there may well be one or the other error creep.

We have had a solution for many years. Because we really do not care if we create 1 plot or many plots. As a rule, we create our CAD plot projects at the beginning of the project. This process is thus automated. This has the big advantage whenever plot files are requested, in a few minutes they are already finished. And when submitting a whole set of plots, we can say from experience, the pure plot time to create a thousand PDF files, after necessary data organizing measures such as re-indexing the plans, etc. were executed, takes no more than half an hour.

So that we can then go into the series production with budgeted contributions, the print organizer is used by us from the beginning. Of course, some time is needed for the preparation of CAD plot-projects. However, after setting and saving various settings, we are constantly able to react quickly to plot requests and to deliver the PDFs you want, with the exception of minor adjustments during the project period. During the service phase, we get back the previously invested time for the creation of the CAD plot-projects many times over.

Interested? Then contact us. In a Teamviewer meeting, we will show you what measures are necessary to free you from plot stress in the future as well. Here you can sign up.